Onward Travel Breakdown Insurance

Onward travel breakdown insurance coverage is a super plan for anyone who has to travel to Europe regularly as part of their job. There is nothing more disgruntling than having a transportation problem when you are miles from anything familiar, yet need to be somewhere at a particular time. What Onward Travel Can Do When your vehicle develops a major mechanical failure such as a problem with the transmission, motor or drivetrain, onward travel can either provide you with a motel or hotel for an overnight stay, or it can help you locate alternative transportation such as a rental vehicle. Not all policies are the same, so it is a good idea to check what is covered before purchasing. Some companies even have a sort of sliding scale where your coverage is balanced by the fee you pay. How It Might Work Example #1: The Traveling Sales Person Keeping in mind that different companies might handle lengthy repairs differently, let’s consider a couple possible scenarios where Onward Travel would really help. Let’s suppose that you are a traveling salesperson. Not the old-fashioned door-to-door type of salesman like the play by Arthur Miller, but a more modern sort who sells equipment to companies or hospitals. Because of this, you might be transporting some rather expensive items to demonstrate at your destination.  Your vehicle develops a flat tire. That’s not so bad, but in the process of getting it under control, you tip sideways a little before settling back on all four tires. That little tip-over has bent the axle on your car, making it unsafe to drive. Your insurance will pay for the repair, but meanwhile you are stranded with several heavy cases of expensive equipment. Your Travel-on coverage comes to the rescue with a vehicle that will accommodate you and your demonstration items. Example #2: Vacationing in Europe One of the scariest things that can happen to you when on a motor tour is to break down in an area where you do not speak the language. Talking to mechanics is difficult enough when you both speak the same basic language, but when you are trying to translate mechanical terms into a different language it becomes so much harder. Not only that, it is extremely disappointing to spend your vacation time waiting around in a repair center’s vestibule while your car is being repaired. Perhaps the transmission has gone out on your car. You are stranded while it is being fixed, a process that might take one or two days, or even a week if parts must be ordered. With Travel On coverage, instead of waiting around the garage for your vehicle to be repaired, you might be provided with a motel room and a rental vehicle so that you can continue to enjoy your vacation time while your vehicle is getting its new parts. The Choice is Clear You can spend several hours in a waiting area while your vehicle is being repaired, or you can have a rental vehicle or perhaps a motel or hotel room where you can wait in comfort. If your commitments are such that you must continue your journey, then some Travel On policies will even make arrangements to reconnect you with your vehicle when the repairs are complete. Bottom Line It doesn’t take much thought to determine that having the Travel On option is a much better choice than losing time to vehicle repairs or spending your vacation time sitting around a waiting room. Your vehicle gets repaired, you get to keep up with your schedule, and you are able to easily make a connection with a repair person who is vouched for by your insurance company. It is a win-win all around.